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Divided Baskets are just thing if you like big projects (blankets, sweaters, or multi-skein shawls) or if you want to store several smaller projects in one place. They are sturdy, rectangular baskets divided down the center, with two flat pockets on one side. They are made with 100% cotton canvas, and interfacing for durability. The nylon webbing handles are another quality feature.

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Snap Sacks hold one skein of caked yarn and a small hat or sock project. Fold the top down to make a fabric yarn bag. Stitch on the go by looping the ribbon handle around your wrist.

Snap sacks are made from 100% cotton, and lined with interfacing, making them sturdy enough to stand on their own.

Drawstring bags hold between 2-4 skeins of yarn, plus a medium sized project like a shawl or child's sweater.

These bags are made from 100% cotton, and are reversible! They have flat bottoms, and come with plastic cord stoppers. These bags do not have interfacing, so they are softer and do not stand up on their own, but will stand up once items are placed inside.


Jumbo Drawstring bags are enormous! They can hold between 7 or more skeins of yarn, plus a large project like a sweater or blanket in progress.

These bags are made from quilting cotton with interfacing, and are reversible!

They have flat bottoms, and will stand up on their own with items placed inside.

These are like supersized versions of my drawstring bags, but with a sturdier feeling fabric.


I hate waste! When cutting fabric for my bags, I work hard to use every scrap of fabric possible. My zipper bags were born out of this frugality. Thus, they come in a variety of fabrics, sizes and price points. Some have flat bottoms, and some do not. Read each listing carefully as many of these bags are one of a kind.

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